This series represents the themes of the four seasons using emblematic colours for each season. It portrays the aesthetic aspects of Japan’s traditional religious culture which is abstractly structured on nature.

I produced these images using the multi-plate etching method; layering colours and marks on plates to create intricate three dimensional forms on paper. I also created calligraphic patterns on some plates. These are based on my early experience of Zen philosophy within calligraphy class. While creating calligraphic patterns on plates I meditate about my primal sense of nature, which is the foundation of my aesthetic experience.


“Her work interprets Japan’s native nature aesthetic, which colours her perspective with its placement of nature at the centre of its philosophy. Specifically, she is influenced by Shintoism and Zen Buddhism, the latter teaching the beauty of imperfection in nature which is an important part of her aesthetic. 

– Zoe Harrington, freelance writer / former editor of Sculpture + Enemies”



  • medium : multi-plate etching
  • material : BFK Rives Paper 280gsm
  • size: 14 x 10cm