In this series I use dynamic calligraphic brush strokes that create an intricate sense with layers of paint. Zen calligraphy was my first creative education. The meditation process that precedes calligraphy has been enjoined in the creation of these pieces as well. Each painting has an individual title that interprets my emotional response to, and poetic sense of nature with colours. I also use polychromos (permanent lead) pencils to give compelling effects to the compositions.


“Her work interprets Japan’s native nature aesthetic, which colours her perspective with its placement of nature at the centre of its philosophy. Specifically, she is influenced by Shintoism and Zen Buddhism, the latter teaching the beauty of imperfection in nature which is an important part of her aesthetic.” – Zoe Harrington, freelance writer / former editor of Sculpture + Enemies



  • medium : oil and polychromos pigments
  • material : canvas
  • sizes : variety of sizes are available