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At the time when I came to Australia from Japan, firstly I looked for a good electric rice cooker, however, it was 18 years ago so there was not much good ones out there. I went to the Asian Grocery Shop (Asian Food Store) dealing with Japanese food in Chinatown and bought a electric rice cooker (which supposed to be made in Japan). But the bottom of the cooked rice was too wet and soft. After that, my mother in low who was listening to my complaints bought Australian made electric rice cooker for me. But, this one is also too soft and wet at the bottom of the pot. Well, there was no chance to have some successful and delicious rice with these ones so I decided to cook it in a pot. Anyhow, it was quite good result and I managed to cook very nice steamed rice in a pot. So, this time I will show you how to cook delicious rice in a pot!


How to Cook Steamed Rice in a Pot

  1. Prepare a heaver pot with a lid.
  2. Measure the rice firmly in a cup, for 2 serve, you need only 1 cups of rice but 1 cup of rice is too small amount to cook so 2 cups are better as minimum amount
  3. Wash the rice with cold water and drain the water completely. Put the same amount of water as rice and leave it for about 20 minutes.
  4. Boil on high heat and then put the lid on the pot.
  5. Cook with low heat for 15 minutes.
  6. After 15 minutes, stop the heat then steam for 15 minutes, make sure never take the lid for this 15 minutes.
  7. 15 minutes later, toss the rice very lightly.

This is basic, and you can cook delicious rice anywhere you like with only one pot, you don’t need a electric rice cooker and it is faster than rice cooker too.

In the beginning, the fire is too hight then the rice would be scorched or the fire was too low then the rice wouldn’t cooked enough, and it is depends on the rice and also the pot itself so please don’t give up, you can try a few times then you will see the right way!





Excellent Ceramic Rice Cooker

Actually, when I returned to Japan two years ago, I really wanted a rice cooker (ceramic pot), I searched quit a few pots online, checking all reviews, then “Haribi’s glass lid pot” had good reviews so I sent it to the hotel where I stayed. Since then, without that I’m dedicated to being presumed that our family food will be very lonesome. Of course, I carefully wrapped it in a towel and brought it to the camp as well.

This ceramic pot has the 2 cups rice line and 3 cups rice line for the water to put in. Then you cook with high heat till the whistle starts, leave it for one minute then turn the heat off. Leave it for about 15 minutes for steaming. Then you will have so delicious rice you never tasted!

If you have plan to go to Japan, I strongly recommend to get this ceramic pot which cooks very nice rice in many different ways not only white rice.




What Kind of Rice You Should Get

You can get a few different types of rice from the store. There are few Japanese style rice such as “sushi rice” but they are not so good….and normal short grain rice is also not so good either. I strongly recommend Japanese rice from Japanese grocery store. However, some of people will be afraid of the “quality” and “it’s Production area”. But when you go to the Japanese or Chinese grocery store, you can find grown overseas Japanese rice there, for example, from America, Vietnam and Thailand etc. They imported rice then grew there and export it overseas. We always have Japanese rice which grow in Vietnam which is very nice and nothing difference between authentic ones to this Vietnam grown rice.

This is the shop I normally go and buy the Vietnam grow Japanese rice.




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