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Finally, I have finished my new website design with WordPress. I had published my website in 2007 with WebPlus by Windows then a few years later due of changing interface to Mac, I had also published with Rapidweaver. However, I was quite happy with both website builder but feeling like a bit of limitations with them especially design. I had tried a few time with WordPress but it wasn’t really appealed to me for some reason, well, I know why, I was afraid of loosing data of my site pages and contents. So I rather wanted to have applications to store my website content.

I have published my personal blog site in Japanese anonymously which I started to published my name for artistic marketing. But I realised I felt quite uncomfortable and limited feelings to express what I wanted to say. Therefore, I republished the site with anoymous.


Who is Yori Tajitsu Price?

I migrated to Australia from Japan in 2000 with my Australian husband and now I have two kids, one is 16 as filthy typical teenager and 7 years old little boy. I finished Master of Fine Art but still a bit of ambition to attend PhD degree….may be one day.

I was born in Yokohama, Japan and once I have experienced living in overseas, I could not imagine to live in Japan. However, I took 18 years to get out there…. Of course I miss my hometown and my childhood friends but I really enjoy myself free from all the bullshit restrictions; such as men dominant society, social pressure as well as competitions in many ways. But don’t get me wrong, Japan has a such a beautiful features and very unusual aspects in its culture. I miss Japanese food and nature which inspires me all the time.



What to Share?

Well, on this blog with my artist name I will intend to share my thoughts, news, art and as well as many things. I also would like to share my eternal love for Japanese aesthetic culture, not only art but food. I cook Japanese food at home and grow some of Japanese herbs. Also my parents used to own some restaurants in Yokohama so I grew up in the kitchen. I know how to cook. FOOD is also quite creative and learn from mistakes, perhaps many mistakes.  I love FOOD, when you are a bit down, it’s very good idea to cook or go out for really good food, which makes me happy (I mean happier) and cheer me up for sure.



Second Language Speaker

As you know, English is my second language and sometimes you may have a bit of difficulties to understand what I am going to say. I will be very appreciated if you try to use your imagination and speculation for the occasions.  Then if it’s too difficult (can be Yo-glish), just ignore, that would do for most of all. I noticed, I quite often notice that other non-English speakers are more adventurous towards English grammar. They don’t really care it’s grammatically right or wrong. They just speak. I think that’s the way to do how to learn and speak different language. Well, of course it’s better to speak properly but more importantly you need to communicate and express yourself.

However, I do have my own private editor at home but he is quite busy sometimes and too much for these kind of my private activities (makes him less interested in reading this blog if he needs to edit them) so please ensure to understand I am a second language speaker.


More my details, visit : https://www.yoriprice.com/biography/





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