Up coming, Bondi Pavillion Gallery Exhibition

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As an artist, you have to make sure you have some exhibitions or expose yourself from public. Nowadays, there are few methods not only dealing with art dealers. Things are bit different 10 years ago, there are more places to hire even such as art exhibitions and performances. I applied to Bondi Pavilion Gallery space last year and lucky they accepted my exhibition proposal.

Now they have organised the flyer for my exhibition there, starts from 3rd of April to 15th of April for 2 weeks. I will have to attend to mind the gallery space every day it would be very nice to see the people to visit.

My work is abstract forms of art, representing Japanese spirituality....I dare say it is structured by my language and love for the nature. I particularly like small scale paintings which gives you more Zen minimalism feelings and sense which will be very nice to hang in the small spaces such as bathrooms or study room area. However, there will be so many other sizes' paintings there. See how it goes....still organising what I present.

These are some of my paintings :


Bondi is Special for Us

We used to live in Bondi when we arrived from Japan for a year before moved to Newtown. It was very nice to live close by water and walking in the mornings and evenings. As you know, summer time will be such a lovely place to live and visit, well, every now and then it gets crowed but still getting sea breeze is lovely. Even in winter time, it gets very windy but still you will have great sensation to have sun during sunny days. 

We had a baby boy while we were living in Bondi 17 years ago, we walked the beach almost everyday when my husband came home from work and I did walk in the morning as pregnancy exercise from south end to north and the beach. It was very nice experience to live such a lovely beach side. However, we went into water only once....it was very cold. You know, it's a kind of "dream life" living that close to the beach in Australia, well at least to my brother in Japan. 


Artist Talk at Opening night

I am not really good at making a speech....it's not only because of my second language, just I don't like it very much. One it's started, it's fine but nervous enough to say "NO THANK YOU". However, I am making an artist talk at the opening night on 4th April, starts from 5:30pm. Of course, I am telling you all about me, my art practice, a little bit about printmaking which is my major subject at National Art School through BFA to MFA. I have explained quite a lot in this website but it would be nice to do so front of my friends and visitors showing my actual work. I know, it's Wednesday and middle of week, but it would be nice to see you there if you are free at the night, have a glass of wine and get some sea breeze. Hopefully, weather would be nice. 





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